NJ Swingers Club The RolePlay Lounge receives questions daily regarding our erotic playground and the lifestyle.

Here are some of the common questions  we receive each day from people just like you! If you can not find the answer to your question, please feel free to email us via the Contact Us Page.

Frequent Asked Questions

3426 Atlantic Ave.
Atlantic City, NJ 08401

 (Between Boston Ave. and Providence Ave.)

You can also visit our General Club Information page to get more information regarding hours and local are information.

Friday Night User Fee’s

Couples $75

Single Men $100

Single ladies FREE

Saturday User Fee’s

Couples $100

Single ladies $25

NO Single Males

Nightly user fee’s can be raised or lowered depending on event. Always check the event and the ticket site for actual entry fees.

There is plenty of street parking, But please do not park in the PNC Bank lot since towing rules are strictly enforced.

The RolePlay Lounge is located one Block from the boardwalk strip and conveniently located to several large chain hotels.

Age is not about how old you are, but how many years of fun you’ve had. ;) at RolePlay Lounge, we have people from all age groups at the club. Age is just an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind..It doesn’t matter.. See you on the dance floor.

The RolePlay Lounge offers a unique, upscale experience, and our members are expected to be dressed accordingly to be granted access to the premises.

Gentlemen are expected to arrive in upscale club wear or business casual attire.

Jeans are OK, as long as they are dressed up.

Ladies are requested to arrive in upscale or alluring club wear.  We encourage dressing to express your sensuality. However, dress in whatever makes you feel sexy.

Keep in mind we are a couples lifestyle club! Not a brothel!

It’s a PRIVILEGE for you to attend.

* Single men are only permitted to come in on Friday nights.

Rules single men MUST abide by;


* No means No.Even if in the middle of something someone changes their mind.

* We do not allow in groups of single men. We only allow in a maximum of TEN single men on a Friday Night.

* We do NOT allow touching of any kind without permission. Approach a single woman with respect.

* Approach a couple as a couple, not just the lady! We do not give refunds or 2nd chances, when you are banned that’s it….

* No aggressive behavior is allowed or tolerated!


We have people from all age groups at the club.

We currently do not offer ticket sales online.

No, once you join the guest list online you are on the list for that event.

No, we have no limit on the amount of bottles you bring.

No, we are not affiliated with any hotels or have any discounts.

No we do not have any private rooms.

Yes, we accept credit cards

Yes, If you need a cab we will call one for you

No, Dressing in theme in never required but encouraged.

Yes, not everyone who attends Roleplay are swingers. You do not have to Swap.

Can we just watch?

Yes, you can come to just watch.

No, we are only open on weekends, unless it is for a special Monday night event.

Yes, toys are permitted

You can bring your own or protection is provided in the club.

No, you do not have to join the guest list to attend.

Yes, we provide lockers, please bring your own lock.

Yes, you can bring beer.

Yes, many women will change when they arrive.

Yes, you can come just to dance.

The membership agreement that you must sign to enter RolePlay is a standard agreement similar to all Lifestyle clubs around the country. This agreement is designed to insure the anonymous nature of the club and protect you and other guests well being. It discusses the rules of the club along with topics regarding the No use of cell phones or cameras as well as topics regarding your acknowledgment and acceptance of being inside our erotic environment.

We do not offer the membership agreement online however we do offer you as much time as you wish to review it before signing it. (it is only one page long)

The average age of our Sexy guests is 25 to 45 with many younger and some older. We have a diverse crowd with beautiful guests from all races and nationalities. At RolePlay there is something for everyone… and everyone leaves with a smile.

You can bring any bottle of alcohol or beer to RolePlay… Opened or Closed.

Just be careful to obey your local open alcohol laws when traveling with it in your vehicle.

At RolePlay, the best time to arrive depends on what you are looking for out of your night. we usually offer a discount for guests that arrive before 11pm on Saturdays (you must join the guest list for these discounts).  If you want to get comfortable before the crowds arrive, then show up just after 9pm… If you want to walk into a party already pumping, then show up around 11pm… If you want to show up for the Sex, well that happens all night, but the best shows happen around 1am… If you want the best after-party to any nightclub in Atlantic City, then show up immediately after the clubs shut down at 2am and enjoy the sensual sexual vibe that 2am to 4am has offer.

Although RolePlay is a BYOB Lounge, We still require All guests to be over 21 years of age

Friday and Saturday night have two different feels and offer different experiences.

Friday night we allow a few single males to attend.

Friday night tends to have a smaller and more intimate crowd.

Depending on what your are looking for and what you want out of your night the choice is yours.

Some first time guests have enjoyed the smaller crowds of Friday night, yet some newbies like blending into the larger crowd.

RolePlay is an extremely safe environment.  Our bartenders and staff are trained to spot intoxicated or belligerent behavior and we have protocol in place for handling these situations. We are proud to have never had an incident requiring the police.